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Disclosure - Military and Government Witnesses Reveal The Greatest Secrets in History eBook


Another landmark document, years in the making, featuring:


  • The testimony of military and civilian pilots and air traffic controllers who have tracked ET spacecraft on radar going thousands of miles per hour
  • The truth about new energy and anti-gravity propulsion systems, technologies hidden in ‘black’ projects, that could solve much of our energy crisis
  • Testimony regarding the deep concern extraterrestrials have shown towards nuclear weapons and our weaponization of space
  • Testimony revealing the secret agenda behind Star Wars (SDI): to eventually hoax an ET threat when none exists so that trillions will be spent on weapons build-up
  • Dozens of top secret government documents proving that UFOs exist and that world governments have been hiding the truth for over 50 years

Newly available as a universal eBook, available via digital download.  You will receive a confirmation email after your purchase is complete, with a link to download your purchase.  This universal ebook can be read using any PDF reader, and most e-reader software.   Please respect copyright law and do not share your purchase, your download link will only be be active once.