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Items brand new to the Official Dr. Steven Greer Store. Thank you for your support!
  • $19.90

    CE5 Contact Cap

    The first item that Dr. Greer wanted to get in was the new cap. He had caps in the past and wanted something in the tan/beige color, high quality a...

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  • $45.90

    CE5 Contact Polo

    CE5 CONTACT logo polo - one universe one people In beautiful force blue with white embroidery. These polo's with the embroidered logo are made to l...

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  • $21.90

    The Galaxy Coffee Mug

    This is the first time the Dr. Greer has sanctioned the production of a mug for the followers of CE5. He demands a high quality product delivered a...

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  • $39.00

    Long Sleeve Women's shirt with custom logo

    Women's long sleeved shirt with CE5 star logo on the front. Down the sleeve is says: CE5 Contact :  One Universe - One People. 100% cotton.  

  • $24.95

    20 oz. CE5 Contact Thermal Water Bottle

    Now you have the perfect water bottle to take on your CE5 expeditions! Keep your beverages cold all day in the high-quality thermal bottle. Stunnin...

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