Behind the Curtain: An expose of secret technologies.  What you need to know.

Behind the Curtain: An expose of secret technologies. What you need to know.

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Behind the Curtain: An Expose of Secret Unacknowledged Technologies: YOU HAVE A NEED TO KNOW. - June 23, 2018 - Boulder CO with Dr. Greer

Dr. Greer will share with you the culmination of his 26 years of behind the scenes contacts.  Including details about:

-ARVs - Alien reproduction vehicles - "man-made UFOs"

-The latest intel from top secret pentagon sources of facilities underground and what is kept in them.

-Locations and corporations involved in USAPs

- Plans for a fake alien invasion

- PLFs - Programmed Life Forms

- Interdimensional Technologies

- Man Made portals into other dimensions

- Psychotronics

- Teleportation

- Cloaking technologies


How to distinguish actual ET craft and beings and how they emerge and vanish in our dimension.

ET manufactoring and transportation technologies - How you can tell the real from the fake.

CRITICAL INFORMATION you will not get from anywhere else!


 UC Boulder - Saturday June 23, 2018

Wolf Law Building Auditorium - 2450 Kittredge Loop Dr. Boulder CO 80305

2 - 5 pm Mountain time

2pm - 4 pm - presentation' 

4 - 4:15 - break

4:15 - 5 pm - Q & A

5 - 5:30 - book signing

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