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CE5 Ambassador Membership Program


"Support the work of disclosure and peaceful contact. Become a member today"
-Dr. Steven Greer

Welcome to the CE5 Ambassador Program

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Ears Only Podcast - For the first time ever. Dr. Greer will be presenting live podcasts as news happens. These "Ears Only" podcasts can be as frequent as weekly. This is Dr. Greer's direct line to you so you know what he is working on and what is really transpiring in the world today.
EXCLUSIVE Videos - This is the most incredible part of the CE5 Ambassador Program. Dr. Greer has thousands of hours of footage on video taken from before Sirius was filmed all the way through footage from CE5. 100+ hours of witness testimony, cuts, edits and entire segments not used in the films. 
Special Access - You will be the first to know about any new events or offers that Dr. Greer is presenting. Be the first to know about the next live event, YouTube broadcast, appearance or product.
Documentary Files - In this section we are adding all of the links, articles, videos, resources and files relating to each of Dr. Greer's Films. This section will be open to all levels and will include some of that incredible footage from the Exclusive Video files.
Face to Face Briefings - This is an incredible bonus, especially for our members living around the world. Dr. Greer will participate in a quarterly interactive chat in an open forum platform. Available to the Cosmic Level.
Virtual Meet Ups - Jump into a virtual meeting with fellow CE5 Ambassador members. 
Social Media - Hot links to all of Dr. Greer's social media accounts.
Special Event Announcements - Learn about upcoming events before anyone else, buy tickets, sign up and participate right from the platform.
Live Chat & Forum - A live chat that is always on to communicate with all the other CE5 members. A forum searchable by topic where you can upload, react, and comment.
A Complete Archive - Dr. Greer's team is collecting three decades worth of material and organizing it for your viewing. We are working hard to locate every article, podcast and interview for you.
CE5 Contact App - Information on the CE5 app including developer updates. Access to the Global CE5 Directory. Documents from Dr. Greer's personal library, digitized and uploaded. Only available here. Hundreds of hours of never seen before footage.