“CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIFTH KIND (CE-5) Contact: The Ultimate Disclosure Event”

“CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE FIFTH KIND (CE-5) Contact: The Ultimate Disclosure Event”

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As of Sunday a.m. June 25 tickets ONLY AVAILABLE at the door.

Crowne Plaza Hotel - 33 Carlson Court -Toronto, ON M9W 6H5 Canada

Post Conference Workshop Sunday afternoon  - June 25 –– 3pm – 7pm

- How beginning in 1992 the US Intelligence community became concerned with the CE-5 Contact Dr. Greer’s teams were making. They realized the teams had found the “Rosetta Stone” of contact which the Intelligence community could no longer  control or contain.

- How millions of people making contact and posting the results will end UFO and ET secrecy.  The people have all the power.  Let’s use it!

- How Consciousness is the Universal Language of Contact throughout the Universe

- Understanding the CE-5 Contact protocols, remote viewing and the science of consciousness.

- Understanding ET Trans-dimensional interstellar travel and communication technologies

– the conscious holographic universe and how ETs and humans are both integrated into every point in space and time.

- Images of actual CE-5 contact

- Understanding how ET craft and beings can appear around us in ways that are astonishing and very close and very usually overlooked.

-  How you can  form teams on your own that will establish Contact and create world-wide grassroots Disclosure that cannot be stopped.


Toronto – In conjunction with the Alien Cosmic Expo – Crowne Plaza Hotel – Toronto airport 

Your receipt is your ticket.  Please print it out and bring it to the event for admission.  We will have a list of those who have purchased tickets but having the print out will make things easier.