CSETI Working Group Kit CDs

CSETI Working Group Kit CDs

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These CDs were previously mainly available to CSETI members who were participating in workshops or trainings. We are offering them now so that you will have the background papers, vectoring meditation, tones and equipment suggestions used by CSETI teams with such amazing results. Even with all that Dr. Greer has published, most of these materials cannot be found anywhere else.


  • CD 1 – Shari Adamiak reading a transcript of a 1995 talk in Denver by Dr. Greer about the Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind (CE-5) Initiative - the concept of forming teams to initiate contact.
  • CD 2 – Dr. Greer giving a tutorial on Coherent Thought Sequencing & a CTS meditation.
  • CD 3 – 6 tracks with the Orion Transmission & anomalous tones that are used during CSETI trainings.
  • CD 4 – Mind-opening and informative papers by Dr. Greer and study materials related to forming your own working group. These materials provide the blueprint for practical application of what Dr. Greer discusses.

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