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The ULTIMATE in Dr. Greer Presentations

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Now you are getting serious! This is the comprehensive set of work by Dr. Steven Greer. These DVDs are going to educate you and arm you with important information. Use this knowledge to perfect your own CE5 work and help bring about peaceful contact. Be right there with Dr. Greer as he goes through topics on CE5 protocols, trans-dimensional technology, how secrecy is maintained through corporate and government programs and the new physics of interstellar travel. And that's just the first eight disks! Move from there into Briefings for European royal families and Government officials in the UK, Monaco, France, The Vatican and Liechtenstein and the Untold History of Disclosure gives you the real behind the scenes history of the modern Disclosure movement. WOW. Can you handle it? Take a look at the brief description of each DVD set below.

 Contact and Disclosure: A Workshop Intensive

This workshop was presented as a training intensive with Dr. Steven Greer on how to make Contact using the CE-5 protocols and what the implications are for global Disclosure when thousands of people are making Contact.

Dr. Greer shares the amazing collection of CE-5 ET Contact photos and videos and describes what really happens as Contact is occurring. He will describe the techniques of remote viewing and Contact vectoring that are used in the CE-5 Initiative and teach that mediation technique and approach so you can start your own CE-5 Contact Team!

Included is a thorough discussion of Trans-Dimensional technologies, ET Technologies and what type of phenomena occurs when ETs are coming into our dimension on Earth from other star systems.

This workshop will transform your understanding of UFOS, ETs and empower you to become an Ambassador from humanity to these visitors from the Stars!

Expose of the National Security State

Dr. Greer has been involved in the highest levels of governments and military for over 25 years and will share what he has learned on the who, what, where, and why of UFO secrecy and the deep trans-national security state and the constellation of illegal projects that are currently operating.

Remote Viewing: Cosmic Consciousness and Contact

This is a 3 ½ hour special training presentation by  Dr. Steven Greer on how Remote Viewing works using the mind's ability to connect to Cosmic Consciousness and higher states of awareness.

By experiencing the quiet, expanded state of awareness, an individual can see or sense remote places and times. This ability, innate to human consciousness , enables us to contact advanced interstellar civilizations using the non-local, universal aspect of our own minds.

Dr. Greer Presents: The Crossing Point of Light

Dr Greer takes you through the new physics of interstellar travel and communication and how it relates to thought and consciousness.

-The Science of Consciousness and higher states of consciousness and how it applies to us & to Interstellar Civilizations and their technologies

-Why the key to contact with ETs is understanding the nature of mind, thought and trans-dimensional physics.

-  How you can learn the skills for making Contact and more.

Dr. Greer Presents: The European Connection

Join Dr. Steven Greer- founder of the world-wide Disclosure movement and CE-5 Initiation and creator of "Sirius", the historic documentary- for an evening of amazing information on never -before heard revelations on briefings and contact initiatives in Europe.

The Untold History of Disclosure

The Untold History of Disclosure gives you the real behind the scenes history of the modern Disclosure movement.  What was Dr. Greer’s overall strategy in 2001? What was the legal reasoning giving whistleblowers permission to come forward?  What was Project Starlight and how were Laurance Rockefeller and President Clinton involved?  What was the overarching strategy of the May 2001 historic National Press Club event?  How does the strategy continue?  And much more.

The History of New Energy

In the first 2 hours Dr. Greer covers the history of the new energy movement and describes what he has observed over the years trying to find a working device that can be brought out to the public. He covers many of the deceptions used such as tricking the meter instead of actually saving power and some of the other issues such as not knowing enough science and mis-measuring input or output. The protocols he uses to assess if a device is truly over-unity are explained.

Buy each set individually and pay $203 - or take advantage of this 14 DVD set for only $149.00.