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Dr. Greer Presents: The European Connection

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The European Connection

Join Dr. Steven Greer- founder of the world-wide Disclosure movement and CE-5 Initiation and creator of "Sirius", the historic documentary- for an evening of amazing information on never -before heard revelations on briefings and contact initiatives in Europe.

 These include:

 - Briefings for European royal families and Government officials in the UK, Monaco, France, The Vatican and Liechtenstein

 - Senior French Ministry of Defense and Intelligence initiatives for CE-5 contact events in France and never-before seen documents from the French Government- the most important UFO documents in existence!

- He will discuss the CE-5 Contact event in France with ET craft confirmed on radar over CE-5 Contact Site at over 200,000 kilometers per hour- and one that appeared partially materialized in the contact field

- The future of Disclosure and Contact in Europe and the world- and how you can play a key role in the beginning of a new civilization on earth!

There is a question and answer period with the audience at the end of the presentation.

This was filmed live for a webinar.  Please excuse any video or audio problems.

1 DVD  - $19.99 + s/h

NTSC Format Only