THE COSMIC FALSE FLAG - Nov 13 - Las Vegas - Webinar + Lecture - Tickets available at the door - only on line ticket sales have stopped.

THE COSMIC FALSE FLAG - Nov 13 - Las Vegas - Webinar + Lecture - Tickets available at the door - only on line ticket sales have stopped.

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Lecture tickets ONLY at the door - UNLV - Greenspun Auditorium - 7 - 10 pm pacific.  Tickets - $75/ Students - $35.  (On line tickets sales have stopped but tickets are available at the door.)


In the most shocking and important seminar you will ever hear on the UFO/ ET subject, Dr. Steven Greer will present the history, methods and plans for a staged, covert Cosmic 911.

What you learn will disturb you. It will enlighten you. But be prepared- this information will be shocking and true.

Knowledge is power: This means by knowing of these nefarious plans, we can avert them!

This is the event you absolutely do not want to miss!


You will learn:


>  How the false alien threat has already been hoaxed- and how this has been accomplished. Names will be named: You will learn how the deep national security state and covert military operations have staged false Alien Abductions, Mutilations- and what technologies have been used.


> What technologies have been developed since the 1940s that enable para-military Unacknowledged Special Access Projects (USAPs) to affect consciousness, stage false Alien events and plant the seeds of fear to justify a scripted Armageddon !


> How man-made UFOs, hollywood-style staging and very advanced electronic warfare systems enable USAPs to stage abductions, mutilations and other false-flag events - and how these have conditioned and prepared the world through the fear of Aliens for the coming hoax of an official Alien Threat.


> New Official Air Force whistle-blower testimony confirms the false flag plan and the intent to achieve it!


> The emergence by 1956 of advanced electronic warfare technologies that affect consciousness- and how these pscho-tronics  can give the target (victim) ANY experience that is scripted. 

>What you need to know to differentiate between the hoaxed versus actual ET presence- and how we can go forward to create a civilization on Earth founded on the principles of Universal Peace.


Sunday November 13

7pm – 10 pm Pacific

Greenspun Auditorium – UNLV campus - Las Vegas, NV - information re the auditorium and parking - click here.


Your receipt is your ticket.  We will have a list of purchasers at the door but it will be quicker and easier if you bring a printed receipt with you.  You will NOT receive a printed ticket in the mail.

 Lecture is $75.  Students with ID - $35.

Lecture and Webinar - Can't make it in person?  Stream the Live Webinar for only $35.   Click here.